Museum Re-opening June 2

After being closed to the public since March, we are looking forward to re-opening on Tuesday, June 2. We will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5 pm. Saturdays will remain closed for the immediate future.

During this time “off”, we have been upgrading our exhibits, our facilities and ensuring that YOU have a interesting and safe time when you visit us again.


Make sure that you are healthy. Please visit us at a later time if you have had any symptoms of illness, or have been in contact with anyone having symptoms.

We will ask you to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when you come in. Please refrain from touching exhibits and artifacts.

If you are part of a group, please call ahead to schedule. We are limiting groups for the time being to less than 10 people.

Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask if you have one.

We look forward to seeing you at the Museum!

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