Frahm House Gallery

Frahm House Gallery The Frahm House, built in 1906 by Fred and Sarah (Sade) Beales Frahm exhiits the original look and furnishings of the Frahm family. Catharine, the only child of Fred and Sarah, left not only her house and estate to the Washington County Historical Association, but also most of her belongings and furnishings. The house is also the site for changing exhibits of period interest.

The kitchen of the house contains period appliances, including this stove donated by Raymond and Marion Wilson.

The sewing machine originally owned by Sadie Frahm is part of the Catherine Frahm collection.

Vintage containers line the shelves of the pantry.

The entrance to the Frahm House now greets visitors to the Wedding Dress Display featuring vintage dresses from 1859 to 1979.  The display will be up through October 19.

Period furniture and items of daily use are found throughout the house.

Dolls and other children's items inhabit Catherine Frahm's childhood bedroom