Cuming City Cemetery Tour

Thursday, June 20 @ 2 pm

Cuming City, the historic town located just north of Blair, was once the site of a bustling community. It boasted two weekly newspapers, 3 hotels, boarding houses and saloons.  It had high hopes as a town, but when the railroad line went through Blair, Cuming City residents up and moved, taking their homes, businesses and churches with them.  Cuming City soon became history.  All that remains today is the historic cemetery, the only evidence of this once-thriving community, 

Join us as we tour the old cemetery and the surrounding virgin prairie.  It will include the study of the prairie ecosystem and the human history of the cemetery. The tour will be guided by Glenn Pollock who has been studying tallgrass prairies since 1970 and manages four virgin prairie sites in Nebraska and Iowa. 

Meet at the Memorial Community Hospital main entrance parking lot at 2 pm.  We will then carpool to the site of the cemetery.  The prairie is located on a hill, so moderate physical ability should be considered.

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